Kutipan dari Robert Stein mengenai Hubungan Yesus dan Yudaisme

Untuk memahami konteks kata-kata Stein, saya akan mengutip pendapat dari Joseph Klausner mengenai Yesus dan Yudaisme: “Without any exception he (Jesus) is wholly explainable by the scriptural and Pharisaic Judaism of his time.” (Jesus of Nazareth: His Life, Times, and Teaching. Trans. Herbert Danby. New York: Macmillan, 1926) p. 414.

Terhadap pendapat ekstrim di atas, Stein menulis:

“To say that there is nothing unique about a gold crown because that same gold is also found in a nearby mountain is to lose sight of the fact that in the mountain the gold is scattered and covered with dirt, rock, and vegetation. Certainly knowing where to find that gold, removing it from the dirt, rock, and vegetation, and shaping it into a work of art require genius. In the similar way, Jesus showed his originality by his selection of what was essential and what was not from the mountain of commandments present in his day” (The Methode and Message of Jesus’ Teachings. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1978. p. 110)